FS: Atmos, CLYW, YYF

Unfortunately have to let the following yo-yos go. Condition listed. Prices are shipped in US.

Atmos Fruit Loop - NM, with box. [$60]

CLYW Puffin 2 - concrete blizzard colorway. Some damage near the bearing seat as pictured. Some fingernail vibe, but plays great. [SOLD]

YYF Shutter - NM, no box. [$40]


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What does that mean

“Comment reserved for edits”? If there’s no first comment then the post will bump every time you change something. If you add a comment below it, then it stops it.

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Why would you not want an edit to bump it? Doesn’t that help to get more people to see it?

It’s a general rule that you should only “bump” your post once a day to give everyone a chance to have their stuff shown and stop one post from staying at the top.


Bump. Prices lowered.

Bump. Take the bundle for $150

Bump. Snag anything within the next couple hours and it can be shipped today.

Take the fruitloop and shutter for $90 shipped.