Fs: ART furn

Been a while since I’ve been on the forum, but have two really great and rarely seen throws here that I want to let go from my collection.

Art furn

It is really mint , I bought it from the forum, never played it just kept it in the case

Make offers, no lowballs

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Static co sudo, literally my favorite throw, but I have others and I can’t play with them all

Beautiful half swap, i got this from the owners pre sale and I’ve never seen one for sale on the forum market

Make an offer no lowballs


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Bump furn only left

Bumpp, shippping these out Friday

Bump!! Furn still here

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Bump for the furn!

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Furn still here, bump bump bump

Bump! Grab the furn

Bump for a little holiday treat, grab the furn

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hey dude!
Are sudo is still here?
and how much is it?

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