Friction sticker is wearing off

My Metal Drifter’s friction sticker is starting to wear off and it’s not spinning as well as it used to.
Is there anything I can do?

u can always buy a new one :slight_smile:

put on a silicone sticker

Lube the bearing. Use this stuff:

Buy these:

Or, maybe upgrade the bearing. Terrapin X makes a replacement, and now that I know that, I’ll add an A-sized bearing to my next order from him. Odds are you don’t need a new bearing, just clean what you’ve got.

Maybe just buy new Friction Stickers. Or the Silicone Stickers that will fit your yo-yo. (the Silicone Stickers 12 mm 8 pack for $5).


P.S. If you only buy the stickers, you can save on shipping if you call, and ask for just having an envelope shipped instead of a box.