Fricking wrist whip!!Help!

When my loop comes around to catch the yo, Its always too far outside of the yo and just wont catch it! my shoulder is burning because i’ve probably have been missing it for about 20 throws now. Whats the secret??

Don’t worry everyone. I got it. I did this; I kind of used a chop motion going from diagonal outside, to diagonal inside, while trying to get the loop as close as possible slack wise. And HEY! It WORKED!

After the hop, I aim for the string just above the yoyo with the wrist. I found a sweet spot to hit with my wrist but it differs depending on your loop. Go for a wide loop with a hooking action at the end. I keep attached finger extended (the one your yoyo is tied to). Do you tie off to the end of your finger or lower? My friend likes it tied low and he misses it too. That might make a difference.

If you are learning this trick, it might actually help to know laceration already. Then you can start off by lacerating but hooking your wrist into it.

You got me practicing a triple whip. now my shoulder hurts. Can you do a plastic whip? The one you do with a side toss and finger? Practicing that may help you.

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For wrist whip, make sure your hand doesn’t move at all. You want your hand straight. Also, try to cast the string over the wrist. You’ll get it.

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