I feel like I have a lack of a “normal” freehand.
I should get one.
These are mine as of now.


ooo me like black and blue spalsh lol

That FH1 is OOOOH so nice!!! I’m die’n to get my hands on one…Ya, I know, good luck w/ that, LOL!!!

drools at the glasseye

On other forum near mint fh1 was on sale for 15bucks… for like a month

But it had a cracked cap and wear to the logos.

this idea while testing a cutter last night!

Did this one last week, and I just found it on the workbench!

Both have the lips removed, and a clean bearing. The “H” shape one has Blue
RTV with a highwall, and the other has black RTV with just the lip removed,
and high polished.

Here is what gave me the idea for the first one. I was just testing out a cutter
I custom ground for a friend! Note the cuts were not polished in any way.
The guy I did it for is going to be super stoked when it arrives!

I await all of your thoughts as always!

All of them are simply awesome. The modified shapes on the Trans Blue are really nice. Both of them, I’d buy them in a heart beat… if I had a job ATM. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s always a pleasant sight to see your reshapes Perry. Nice work as usual.

I need to get you to grind me a tool or two. I just hate doing it. Ima have Chris grind me one too.

Lastly I need to make me a few arbors. This wil make it so much easier to mod things.