Freehand tech tricks

Hi, I’m lookin for some really hard and technical 5a trick tutorials, Like the ones in this Vid:

Check out the first trick he does. Thats what I’m lookin for.

I think MadDog can help you out - 5a is pretty much all he does. I’m pretty sure he was the one I was thinking of that does tech 5a. If not, I apologize. Shoot him a Personal Message; here is his account:;u=248


Thank you. Samad is right. I wish I had read this before I sent the message. I will send a list to you ASAP.

Me too please

haha it took me a half hour to get the list together. I saved it though, and I will foreward it to you know.

Let me know if you guys want more. I will find some.

could you send it to me too?

I’d like it sent too, to see if I’m pretty good at 5a :stuck_out_tongue:

Heres a real hard one.

haha I will try to send it out as soon as possible.

I was actually using Beversticks as one of the vids. I may have more videos than the seven I sent to you guys. I will try to find them. Just let me know.

Gotta spread the 5A love!!! :smiley:

i want a list!

I’m stuck on Beversticks and IBm O.o

Ya, those are the two hardest. Which part are you stuck on in IBM?

can you send me the list? i want one too.

I’ll just try practicing more.

lol, I finished them.

Happy Throwing! =]

Hm. Couldn’t you just post this “list” here?

Haha, that is way too simple ;D

I wish I thought of that…Really, I can’t believe I did not think of that…

I might post them later if there is more interest expressed, and I also might add more tricks to it…if I have time.

I want it ;D

Hereare some. I should really go find some more…then add them…

This is not really tech, but it is really a need to know.

If you need help on any of these, let me know and I can talk you through some of them.