I would like to start off by saying i am not trying to take away from yoyoexperts forums but recently another company called Billy Bob’s Bait & Tackle has been trying to revive their forums so it would be great if you could help repopulate those forums. help support Billy Bob’s.

Please don’t advertise other stores/forums here
This sit is sponsored by YoYoExpert

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I don’t think the mods are gonna allow it, considering it’s also a store.
But wow do they have some old stock. Buddha king 2, grey protostars, fly masters, precedent, the original dm1 (with the original artwork)

I dont think this is gonna fly well with the mods…

Ya know, there’s a couple of forums/stores that are trying to revive their traffic, one of which I have been intimately involved with, but they need to generate their own traffic outside of this forum.


Heheh… Nice edit, jhb! :stuck_out_tongue: