Forum Themes/Conversions

Im not sure if this is already an option or not, but I think it would be an awesome idea to have different themes possibles for the forum, like colors for the background, text, etc. I used to frequent the “other” forum exclusively until it died down a bit, and decided to try out yye. my only problem… Is, well, looking at it. the content is so much happier and easy-going here, it’s perfect. I think themes would be fun and a cool way to add another aspect to the site.
My second idea is profile conversion between sites. On said “other forum” I have much more feedback than I do rather than over here, and it’d be cool if either yye could discuss this with yyn or rather do it themselves upon request of a user, witha given password for the account as proof. this would also further increase the sites popularity, IMO.
thanks for your guys time! let me know if the first option is already available, please.

I don’t think the profile conversion is workable for a couple of reasons.

  • The forums are sponsored by stores, the purpose of the forum is to promote the store. Cooperation on member transfer between forums is counter productive to the store operation and I don’t see the owners liking this.
  • If we just tried to do it ourselves, there are issues w/verification. We have no way of knowing who gave you the good feedback over there. Maybe it’s your brother or cousin. Not that we can verify it 100% here, but we do have some handle on who’s around.

If you need to verify your feedback to someone, send them a link to your feedback on the other forum.

the conversion would basically be bst based,nothing to do with store sponsors. but you have valid points, it’s just an idea that I’d like to have. eventually I just want one yoyo account, which is why I want you think the themes idea as possible?

Well, since the store sponsors the forum, the BST is directly tied to the sponsors.

Don’t know about the themes.

One account - the only way to sort of do that is to use the same username on all the boards.

I realized that after I made my account on here, wish I could go back haha.
wish the elephant on the forums being yyn’s slowing and possible closing, I would like all my feedback on here. too bad I guess.