Form member card.

Hey guys, what I though would be cool is if every one could make there own forum member card and put it on there profile. André do you think you can make this possible? . Or you could just let us put down these things on our profile. Would let us get to know each other better. what do you think of the idea? I have made one on paint on my computer and here it is

What do you think? later.

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Nice idea. I don’t know what he would want to do but he could make a part of our profile that has those questions (or others) on there that we fill out. Maybe put like state/country on there too.

yea that works but i think my way is a bit more creative. later,

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True. Either way would be cool. It would make it more personal, which would be good because we are our own community here. =)

Well,it would have to be something optinal,because I doubt everyone on YYE will make one.

What my idea is to have a optional card making option to put a pic and fill out the questions. than chose a background for the card. I don’t know if this is possible but you know its an idea. Ether way its not up to use, we are the suggesters and André is the voter. So what do you say André? later.

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Haha, i was bored, so i tried making one.

Heres the template:

And here’s how you fill it in!

To fill in the template
For the Image, take a photo of yourself, and crop it to 140 x 160 (width x height). Put it in the square.
Use font lucida blackletter.
Try to align everything nicely.
For the UserName, use Font Size 30, and color it white.
For Set-Up, use Font Size 10, and color it black.
For everything else, use font size 15 and color it black.

Your are so cute rsmod123!


OOOOOKKKKKKKK. anyway nice work rsmod. later.

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What if your favorite trick is one you made up ???

I’m not sure,but I think you should name it,or just put ‘‘made up’’

Just put the name that you gave it if you don’t have a name for it put up name in progress.

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this is a cool idea, i really hope Andre implements it!