For Sale/Trade: OneDrop & Luftverk

Please message me if you would like more detailed pictures or would like to negotiate prices/trades

Luftverk Alpina: Mint condition as I received it, there is some slight tarnish on the inside of the catch zone, smooth, packaging included—$175

OD Sugar Glider: mint in box, thrown a time or two, packaging included—GONE

OD Par Avion: some minor damage, smooth—GONE

OD Yelets: mint, smooth—$55

Trades I’m Looking For:
Freshly Dirty: Rooster, Canary, Moldy Bread
CoreCo: Diesis, Standard, Mothra
SF: Statement SS
a-rt: 420, Triptych, Diptych



Haven’t heard about this FD release. Any deets for us?

They released a small preproduction amount at worlds last week. It’s a d-bearing bimetal yoyo.

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Updated thread. PM me if you’re interested in anything!

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