For Sale: Ti Fixed Axle, NSCO Helix

FS, no trades, prices shipped priority in the US
Mint unless otherwise noted

Artistry in titanium fixed axle $100
Red/green nobunaga Sold

Northern spin company Helix. $300 firm. Includes fees and insurance.
Has the box, small flat spot (tried to capture it on camera) and a couple small scratches on the rim.

PayPal F&F, or G&S +3%
Overseas shipping extrareceived_10211939666781385 received_1021200821389502020180827_192223 20180827_192311 20180827_192258 20180827_192245 20180827_192317 20180827_192226


Wow Ti fixed axle, so cool! How does that play? The axle is also Ti, I assume?

It’s a hefty boy. It’s not solid per-se, but the way it was made its not twist apart. That’s correct, the whole shebang is Ti. It’s a unique piece made by Artistry in Titanium, whom I’m sure you could commission one for quite a bit more than I’m selling this for.

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Do you have any pictures of your Nobunaga?

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Bump. Added nsco helix.

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