For Sale nintendo 3DS system & games! PRICE DROP! AGAIN!


Blue 3DS system with charging station and cord
protective softshell case
5 DS games and 1 3DS game included.

the system is in like new condition, no damage or problems with the hardware or accessories. Bought it about a month ago and just don’t use it much, plus I now need the money I spent on it for other things (school). I’d take $120 for the lot, system accessories and the 6 games. willing to negotiate. But I will only accept cash (no trades), in a priority shipping tracked envelope for this system. I normally accept paypal for yoyos and such but for this I need access to the money for things I can’t pay for with paypal funds. Pics on request via e-mail (see bottom paragraph)

I like Bassalopes and want one, preferably large bearing but if you have a small bearing one in a cool colorway I’m ok with that too. I have a TON of stuff I can offer on a trade and if the price is right I have some cash too( Trades are highly preferred right now though since I’m a poor college student). Condition isn’t too important but mint is always better than beat and given the choice between the two, I’ll always take the mint offer over the beat one.

PM me if you have one you are willing to trade/ sell, with a description of the condition and the colorway. Also let me know what sort of trades you were hoping to get for it, even if I don’t have the specific throw you want, it will give me an idea of your preferences so I know what to offer from my large collection of throws.

there is one colorway I really would like to have if someone out there has it. the colorway is Silver with black and yellow splash, if you have a bassalope in this colorway you will get my very best trade offers. But offer any color you have and I may bite on the offer.

UPDATE: I have decided that I don’t like the solid color Bassy’s with Sebby’s signature lazer engraved on them. But please offer any other Bassalopes you have for trade!

by mod request I add the following statment:Pics of my stuff are available upon request. My computer is ghetto and slow and I cannot get Pictures to work on the forums/flicker right now, but send me your e-mail/phone message and I will gladly provide pictures via email of my 3DS and any throw I offer in a trade. But I am more than happy to provide Pictures for any serious inquires.















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