For sale clyw , general yo, kappa one drop , yoyofriends

Hello me again clearing house again. Please add 5 dollars for PayPal and shipping fees if you buy more than one I will waive the 5 bucks .
I would say these are mostly obo looking to get rid of quick.

Thank you ,

Base camp navigator -50 obo nmtbs

General yo majesty -50 nmtbs

Yo-yo factory edge -50 one decent size scuff still smooth

Yo-yo factory shutter wide angle -45 nmtbs

Throwspiral kappa - 75 nmtbs sold*

Magicyoyo vulfgang -60 obo nmtbs

CLYW Bonfire 75 nmtbs sold*

Yo-yo factory skyline -20 nmtbs

CLYW snow lizard fools gold -60 nmtbs sold*

Mk1 contact b grade -30 nmtbs sold *

Yoyofriends koi -40 nmtbs

CLYW bear trap sold *

One drop rebirth -60 obo some vibe small scuff comes with silver ultralight side effects

Duncan haymaker x powder coated red cup and black catch zone done by yoyospirit -70

Duncan mkt -30 obo

Clyw borealis- 90 nmtbs *sold

Clyw peak 2 -85 one scuff (fell off table)


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The edge should be the second release I remember. The first release has red silver rim, blue silver rim.

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Thanks I wasn’t sure I’m just going to put edge to avoid any confusion

Bump added two clyw throws . I really like the peak and borealis but they are collecting dust though. Firm on the price for both of them .



Bump updated photo with what is left