For sale> 3 Door Knobs(Tentatively Sold)

3 DK’s for sale…

Sold as a ‘lot’. Will not sell separately.

$300 for the set.

Paypal/goods and services/insured for value Priority shipping included.

Only the silver one has any sort of blemish that I can see.

In the last pic, you can see a tiny little mark.

Other than that, they are as new…


I know you said you won’t sell them separate but for real, sell me one.

Buy 1 for $300…get 2 free?


@twitch77 does BST genius like elon musk puts teslas in space



Buy all 3 and then peddle 2.

Welp… I had at least 3 responses to buy the 3 DK’s.
‘They were all about 2 hours apart.

I (obviously) ‘do’ sell on the BST. But was never really aware of any recognized ‘Proper Etiquette Guidelines’.

Usually when I put something up. Somebody gets to me ‘with a quickness’. And it’s Sold.

But getting multiple offers from people that seem to ‘not hesitate’ in wanting the lot. Does not happen very often.

No doubt their reasons could all differ. One might just want the Unknown and will resell the other two. One might want all 3 because they already Love DK’s… and they want an instant Doorknob collection. Or one may want a 2 tone of some sort. Or… ?

I will just go with the person that contacted me first. I think that’s the way to Roll on this sorta rare sale?

If… the deal falls through, I will contact the next person on the timeline…

Thanks for such fast interest in this sale. The primary reason I’m selling all 3 is that I simply could not decide which one to keep?


I usually go in order of inquiry. Sounds like a legit plan doc. :+1:


Actually… all 3 of the DK’s were free.

The $300 was simply to cover shipping and Paypal fees.


$300 is a very fair asking price for these…wasn’t meaning to poke fun at the price :slight_smile:

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Yeah, the doorknob is one of my favorites. It’s just weird fun. The unknown is definitely a grail of mine.

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