First Video= =)


Love the 4a!

that was really good! Keep it up :slight_smile:

very nice!

although faint is the best song ever, (I fell asleep to linkin park last night) I don’t think it quite fits with your style…
But nice job!
keep it up! :wink:

Really good :slight_smile: But titanium is right, faint doesn’t really suit your style. Other than that, nice video, very good quality ;D Loved the boingy’s :smiley:

Awesome. But I agree that the song should be different. Also I somehow thought u would be younger :).

Very Nice, I like your thumb grind! The 4a was amazing, i wonder how high it went lol

Great Job Keep it up!

Was a great vid. On or next vid try to get some combos in there besides just doing one trick than cutting to another trick. Other than that it was a good vid. Later.

Keep it spinning™

woah whats that trick at 1:36???


Here is the tutorial:

Nice video, awesome 4a :slight_smile: