First time in a championship, advice?

Hey guys, I’m entering the NJ Ringmasters(states) on Saturday(April 22) and was wondering if anybody had any tips or what to expect. There’s a 1 min prelim round and a 2 min final round. I got my music and my throws picked out.

I’m no help because I still suck and I’ve never competed. Lol but I am curious, what yoyos are you using?

Two Luftvurk/CLYW AMS Tundras


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Wait, are you doing 3a or is one just a back up?

Have fun! Other then that, make sure your routine matches the music cues, only do tricks you can hit 10 times in a row, practice in front of strangers, make sure your bearing is free of gunk and your pads are broken in to where you like them to be. Also, I think it helps get comfy with the idea of walking up on a stage with bright lights and an audience watching your every move.(or not, depends on the crowd) Also, Always wash your hands a few minutes before going on stage, or bring water so you can at least get your hands sort of washed, this will help you not get string burn or have an unexpected snag during your stagetime. I have no idea of what level of experience you have, so I just gave you all the little things I think are helpful.


1A Sorry for late response, I didn’t see anyone else commented.

The handwashing thing is key. I’m a bartender so I always have residue on my hands from everything I do. Also I am lucky enough where my bar lets me throw as long as I’m not busy/have customers. Customers always watch and ask if they can bring over their kids and/or Snapchat me. I can feel the pressure with that, but when I block them out I get in the flow and just start shredding. The 10 tricks in a row gives me a better perspective on what tricks I should/shouldn’t include. I’d like to consider myself intermediate in terms of skill, but this is the going to be the first time I’m not gonna be the only thrower in the room. Thanks for the response!

Hey I’m going too! See you there :slight_smile:

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I forgot one thing. Or five :stuck_out_tongue: Find the common mistakes you make in the tricks you have selected, and make sure you know how to get out of them or just change yoyos. And make sure you time your routine with a stopwatch, so you know how fast to do each trick; also try to use the music to give timing cues, such as making sure you bind and rethrow during a dubstep drop or whatever.

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