Finally got my throw (yyf ONE)

Okay, so I finally got my new yoyo, and now I can start to get back into it.

But I need some help.

Should I just keep practicing the basics over and over and over until I can do them without thinking about it, and then move on to more advanced stuff?

I’d just generally like some sort of starting ground, like a good foundation. Like something to do to get me ready to move on, so that when I do start learning advanced stuff, I’ll be ready.

There’s no real rule, but a good starting point is right here:

Practice until you feel confident and comfortable, then move on if you want or work more for smoother.

What I learned in order

-Gravity Pull
-Brain Twister Bind
-Trapeze Bind

-Then once you learn how to bind you can start from Intermediate all the way to Advanced , Then you’ll be ready to learn some good stuff.