Best 4A yoyo I’ve ever played. Get one.


how big would you say it is?

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About the size of the Aqua, but feels like it has a little less diameter. The best parts are the guts though. It spins forever, binds great, and doesn’t snag.


I really hope they don’t sell out before I get my new bank card, I’m die’n to get my hands on one!!!


i got my fiesta today and it is the best 4a yoyo in history


and o ya, DYonch i got my fiesta at yoyo joes also


Please don’t double post. Thanks.

We compared the Fiesta to an Aqua. Narrower by like 1 or 2 mm but identical in every other way. I guess it might have had a slightly smaller (or bigger, I can’t remember) H-shape bump thingy but that would be it.

Great yoyo though.

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I might pick one up this summer, but that New Breed is still waiting for me.


WoW! Great Review, I just wanna know is it good for 1a or 5a.


When i spoke with Brian at PNWR, he told me the Fiesta is slightly bigger in diameter than the Aqua. We even compared the two.

Are you serious?


I bet it would be pretty good!