FHZ stack kit

Does anyone have one that I can buy?
Or does anyone know where to buy one.
I really wanna stack my alchemy CU.

You can buy them at www.yoyoguy.com, but I would advise against putting it on your CU.
Most CU’s have a slight vibe problem, and stacking it might just make it worse.

Not trying to be rude at all but…FAIL!
These are not in stock at yoyo guy :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, um, not trying to be rude at all but…FAIL!
That was a bad place to put a fail, he saw them on yoyoguy, he didn’t look if they were in stock at all. Just because somebody makes a super easy to make mistake doesn’t mean you say fail…

That was one of the worst fail contexts I’ve ever seen. FAIL.

Alright guys, relax, we don’t want to start a flame war here.

To the OP: FHZ stack kits were discontinued, I believe. The best way to acquire a pair of stacks would be to buy a PGM and gut it. However, you can buy individual stack parts here.

Awww, they were discontinued? I was think about getting one. :’( Thanks for the info!