FG peak worth?


I might pick up a 2nd run gold nugget FG peak. I am not looking to sell it on ebay for hundreds, but I am looking to get a aproximate value, to know where my trade stands, and what I can expect to trade it for…

I might trade a FG arctic circle for it. Anybody interested if I dont like it?
I am trading the arctic circle because it just dosent do it for me, not to profit from this.

(Jei Cheetah) #2

Depending on conditions, I have seen FG peaks go for around the 60-85 range.

I bought a mint one for 45 a while back though, and traded for a decent condition one at worlds for a beat heavy cream, so really, it depends on what people want to offer.



Peaks have recently gone up in value. If it’s mint I could see you getting somewhere in the 80-100 range