February 2017 - Stick It. Click It. Send it. Win!

Post your entries for February 2017 in this thread!

Don’t forget you can now either enter your photo here on the forums OR via Instagram!

To enter on Instagram post your photo and tag it with @YoYoExpert and #YoYoExpertStickIt
See what others have posted here!

One photo is picked each month to win a $25 Gift Certificate!

Yeti and giant icicle

After you evacuate the plane, immediately go on YoYoExpert and post a stick it click it entry.

In case of emergency, throw !

If a yoyo drops down, bind it back up. Please bind your own yoyo before attempting to teach others

Thank you Yoyoexpert to make this crappy day a little less crappy. Much love. #asbestos

Take a look at my Instagram yoyo related account: Yoyouku

Got a ton of power outages from the rain!


Got my Purple Kuntosh 5000qv and my marvel swirl at PNWR this weekend!

Got my first brand new CLYW!!

Thank you YoYoExpert!



Throwing on the snow!

Will be announcing winner soon - as Garrett mentioned we are going to be tweaking this. Rather than a monthly contest it will be a ‘call it as we see it’ type contest. When we see a picture that we really like we will probably send you something cool. :slight_smile:

For now - we will still continue March and April will be the final month of the ‘every month’ contest and then it will be more open ended.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Can we know the winner before the OD Mantis release? Haha I’m kinda hopping to win so I can buy a Mantis (I know it’s much more than 25$ but it will still help).

Take a look at my Instagram yoyo related account: Yoyouku

The winner has been chosen for February!!!

The YoYoExpert staff’s pick for February was stl.stash!

We are contacting you with your gift certificate code via Instagram Direct Message.

Congratulations and thanks to all who submitted a picture. Keep sharing pictures in the April thread for your last chance to win! #yoyoexpertstickit #yoyoexpert