What’s your favorite yoyo under 200$?


Well there is a favorite yoyo listed right under everyone’s name, and considering that there are very few yoyos over $200 (I’m literally talking like maybe 15 at the most that I’ve ever seen), I think that’s a good place to find an answer.


There is easily 100 yoyos over $200 out there. The thing is, not many people have them, well… Because… They’re over $200… What he ^^^^ said though is probably right.


For play, probably my Berserker. For sentimental reasons, the Eternity listed in my profile as my favourite.



Dark Magic 2 because it’s the highest quality one that I’ve played.








Dang, Viszilla/BPZL/Bapezilla.2, or Positron


09 g5