Favorite Radio Station!


So What is your favorite station. mines is 102.7 kiss fm woo listening to it right now. its awesome

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99.5 that or 106.5 note there Baltimore radio stations so you can’t hear them in california


640 AM


Either 102.7 or Z100 Portland. :slight_smile: Listened to those a lot, hours at a time.


You from Portland?

I like 94.7. Its alternativey stuff.


101.7 kiss fm


Radio where I am is horrible, I just use Pandora or Spotify.

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(NotATyrant) #10

If you’re near Chicago, I loved Q101 when it was on the air …still mad about that


I don’t listen to radio because all the music like is never on the radio. but if i had to decide, i’d go with “your choice”.




didn’t see that coming.


Live 105.3 in San Francisco


This is my favorite http://tunein.com/radio/93-Rock-935-s21847/


NPR All Songs Considered or BBC Radio 1


In Mpls, Mn:
KQRS morning show, classic rock in the AM
MPR classical the rest of the day.