Family Bonding?


I bet you’re wondering if I get my tricks right every time…the answer is…yes…

Nah, Here is a video of me messing up and Asians playing ping pong!

(laxdude99) #2

Ok vid but never saw the string once


yeah, it was shot in my uncle’s house, so this is the only open area I could’ve shot the video, it ended up being really bright in the room…lets just say its magic string :wink:


Lets just say you should cut out all fotage were you messed up and you should practice getting your tricks alot smoother.This video was boring was repetative


Here’s a little backstory to go along with the video:
I was at my cousin’s 1st birtday, so this is a documentation of the day, with a few previews of my tricks for another video hint hint Although, I somehow never managed to get the trick down in time.


Did you not read the post before you watched the vid Luna?
He plainly said this is a video of him messing up. Not of him hitting every trick flawlessly.