Fallen44, G2, ILYY (<–Have them all for $105) Atmos Aria Added ($255)

bump 16

Make me an offer!

bump 17

lets get these final few cleared outta here!


Some sweet throws here and awsome guy to deal with !!!

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bump 18!

lio, project 2, 3am, fixie, and mongoose are still available. let’s get them all to a new home for a nice bundle price.

bump 19

bump 20

bump 21. please help me find these a new home

bump 22

bump 23 changed around some of the main post to make it easier to see what is still available.

Bump. Take ‘em all for 185.

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Bump 25

Project 2 sold.

Bump 26. Take what remains for $115 ($135 less than I paid for them.)

bump 27

bump 28

bump 29 $110 for all :yawning_face:

bump 30

bump, added Aria to the clear out.

bump. aria for $255. Take the other 4 for 105.

bump. :yawning_face: