fail siliconing?? in my marmot?!

i siliconed my marmot it have been siliconed before but this time when i siliconed it the bearing didnt spin much like before when it used to spin for like 20 or 30 seconds but now when i flick it in the bearing seat it doesnt spin like it used to so i got the bearing on the pencil and it spined like it did before then when i puted it in the bearing seat back it didnt spin for even 2 seconds i think there is a problem with my bearing seat after i siliconed it by the way both bearingseats are like that!
i think there is some silicon there but i dont see any.

Try cleaning it even if you don’t see anything and try looking at the the sides of the bearing there might be some silicone on the bearing sheild or something. Next time siliconing try using “red RTV silicone” because it shows up better so you can see where you got it.

there is nothing on the bearing i mean every bearing i put it on marmot be like that :frowning:

you have silicone in your bearing seat. you need to clean the bearing seat out. take a needle, and get the sili out

Thats cause ^^, there is silicone in your groove. You can also clean it with a cleaning solvent like cleaning a bearing. Use a Q-tip.

This is why I buy pads. I screwed up my Yoyoskeel Solid with silicone :frowning: