F: Atmos, OD, DD, ART

Atmos: fruitloop, pomelo
OD: Lunar Eclipse
DD: 50/50
^^^all are mint, I’ll take offers but all barely used.
ART: Life… not sure I want to sell but I’m seeing what I can get.
Message hopefully we can work something out :,)


Do you happen to know when that Life released? Is it from A/rt or from G2?

I ask because, as I’ve read online, the OG ones from a/rt are not as smooth, and there’s a bearing difference. Thanks!



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I’ll dm you
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It’s an A-RT release; all the solids are A-RT, any of the fancy colorways are G2’s with the tightened bearing seat. And yeah the A-RT ones came w/ YYR DS, not sure what the G2 ones came w/, I think maybe “Boss Ripper” which is like a center trac.


I don’t think that’s necessarily true. I had a clear life that was purchased through g2. I think possibly the bearing (if not tampered or removed since stock) would be the best way to determine if the OP isn’t sure himself.


I swear I heard from Jake that was the way to tell but it’s totally possible I’m wrong. I guess the other way to check is if you can remove the bearing with your fingers or if you need a bearing tool.




Isaac is correct, this is a Life from the first batch (sold by Jake or Jensen is irrelevant). Jake made the bearing seat a bit tighter on the “v2”. This said, many of the first batch are “plenty smooth”, even if they are not “absolutely perfectly glass smooth”

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