Evolution of yoyo with Glenn Godsey

Good history lesson.


Amazing documentary… I didn’t realize how much of an influence and impact he had on yoyoing. Without this guy I think alot of us wouldn’t be where we are. What an honor to have him on your team. Really informative and well done!


This was amazing. I learned so much!


Such an amazing and insightful look into the history of our favorite toy. It really makes you think about how yoyoing has changed so much and the direction it is headed.

I really liked his statement about how it has changed so much in recent years and how when he learned it was about being graceful, and not being the fastest nor the person who can tie the biggest knot and then consequently untie it.

Thank you for posting, i thoroughly enjoyed it!


We owe this guy a huge thank you for his part in the history of our hobby! I’ve never met Glenn but he’s always been super courteous and respected on the forums. Glad to hear him speak and finally see him spin some yo!

This is perfect!

Very good video, I really enjoyed it.

So when is his signature throw coming out?


Great video

I always wondered if I would outgrow throwing at some point. This gentleman gives me hope for the future.

That was beautiful.

So well done. Thanks for posting that Ernie.

I really enjoyed this!!!

Awesome video! Thanks for sharing, Ernie.

That was fantastic. I really enjoyed his style of play, too. Lots of tricks in there for me to put into slo-mo and crib. :wink:

I saw this link on FB this morning, what a great Video!

I loved the part about him enjoying the graceful style of yoyoing over the tech style.

Very cool.

One minor point, Don Watson came up with the whole ball bearing thing while working with TK, it wasn’t a TK thing.


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Many thanks for all of your kind comments, guys!

Kyle, I wasn’t sure about TK’s role in the ball bearing innovation. Thanks for the info.

Glenn Godsey

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