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Think outside the box people


Yay! Oh, and the same night I told you I had trouble with the first one, I got it down :slight_smile:

Oh! This is awesome.

Glad to hear they are hear for learning and inspirations!

New Episode is up! Bucket Mounts

New Episode is up! Frontstyle

Keep up the good stuff Sam!

New Episode is up! Pine Mount

Keep it up! :smiley:

Thanks so much Sam, I just made the sweetest trick/combo thing off of the pine mount

new Vid is up!
Trap Door

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Keep it up Sam! Trap door is awesome :]

nice :smiley: im using a trap door to GT combo i made up in some contests that i may be going to in the future i like that i never even heard of that trick before you showed me and i liked it :wink:

Wow… Awesome… Thanks…

I love the trapdoor

Fixed :slight_smile:

Happy Throwing! =]

Z Flips

Thanks for the feedback guys and i’m hoping you guys will be learning some tricks!

are you making anymore episodes staketchi??? because i really liked them and learned a lot from them