Eclipse and Hitman Help

So I used to yoyo around 8 years ago and just picked it up again a couple of weeks ago. I found my old Spintastics Eclipse and Yoyojam Hitman and started using them. Within a week of using those I had to change both of their strings and the Hitman’s bearing. Both of them should be in tip-top shape, but it doesn’t seem that way. I recently bought a One Drop Burnside to replace my older yoyos since they aren’t really working. Any tips?

The Hitman stops sleeping after a few string tricks no matter how hard I throw and how well; it can barely make it through Cold Fusion.

The Eclipse seems to sleep fine and I can do a couple of more complex string tricks with it, but sometimes when I throw it the yoyo seems to slip down the string which not only hurts my finger, but also immensely decreases the time it sleeps.

The Burnside works beautifully and I have absolutely no problems with it, so I don’t think that it is my throwing technique or the way I do my tricks.

Okay, your Hitman seems like its bearing is dirty.

Try cleaning it.

Instructions here:,871.0.html

I think I know what’s wrong with your Eclipse, it seems the friction sticker is worn out.

You may need to buy new one’s not sure if the eclipse will accept silicone.

Let me know if this helps!


That’s the problem. Duncan sili stickers are great replacements.

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Is the original Hitman a hybrid response or a dual o-ring response? Just wondering. if its a dual O-ring, yank the rings and silicone it.

Take the bearing, soak it in mineral spirits. Let it dry on a paper towel for 10 minutes. Flip and wait another 5. Spin dry. Repeat.

My variation: After spinning dry from the mineral spirits, repeat with acetone. Then repeat both baths/soaks again. Replace shields and run dry.

It’s the bearing. No need to mess w/the o-rings.

The Hitman is a dual O-ring response. I removed one of the o-rings because it was really responsive, even after lubing the bearing and that made it a lot less responsive. I’ll try buying some cleaner and grabbing a new friction sticker for the Eclipse and I’ll see if that will work. Thanks for all the help!

The reason your HM is responsive is due to lubing it. Yes, it needs a bit of lube, but too much makes it responsive. they play best w/2 o-rings. After you clean a bearing, just apply a tiny drop of lube. If possible use compressed air to blow off the excess. Contrary to intuition, more lube does not make yoyos spin better. Use sparingly.

Also note that the HM has an adjustable gap. Closed tight it will probably be more responsive.

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