Duncan Wind Runner New Release!

Duncan is pushing the limits of competitive yo-yo design with an amazing playing model at a great price! The Wind Runner!

The Wind Runner is a full sized yo-yo with a competition geared profile and a double rim cup design for superior weight distribution. It has a powerful feel in play and holds stability easily through complex combos. It moves fast, maneuvers effortlessly, and with the concave fingerspin divot in the cup you’ll master top on style tricks with ease!

Whether you’re looking for your first metal or just a great performing throw at a great price, the Duncan Wind Runner is the perfect choice!

Releasing Tuesday Sept 5th @ 8PM EST!

Just got it today. Plays awesome! Stock bearing is great. Plays totally unresponsive and smooth right out of the box. Most of my yoyo’s are $100 or more, and this $38 yoyo plays with the best! Best finger spinner that I have BTW.