Duncan Raptor


I have a Blue MIB Duncan Raptor for sale from Worlds, $50 shipped to US, I will post pictures later, camera is charging. Comes with extra pads.

Peak, Raptor, FHZ

(Kei) #2

Im not planning to buy but does the raptor come with silicone pads instead of stickers? Cause if it does that is awesome! Also what bearing size does it come with?

(laxdude99) #3

Isn’t the raptor $45 new


Yeah they are silicon pads, and its a large bearing, and yes it is $45 dollars new, not sure who is selling them though, the only reason its $55 is to cover the shipping and paypal fees, I would be willing to go $50 shipped though, so its cheaper than if you did buy it from a store after they charge you shipping cost.


ill trade a protostar for it?


can u do thumb grinds? how long can it grind on finger? and sleep time? sory i ask too much

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