Duncan ProYo

When I was a kid back in the late 70s, I had a dark blue ProYo that I loved because it was a big step forward in terms of playability over an Imperial. But all detailed memories of it are long gone from my brain, and so I absolutely do not remember it having a wood bearing.

The ProYo available today (not the II or the III, just the plain old “ProYo”) has a wood bearing, but was that always the case for this throw, even in its original Playmaxx incarnation?

Is today’s ProYo the closest thing to the original in terms of design and construction?

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I don’t think they messed with the formula, Proyo goodness is still available at YYE


Yohans gives a pretty in depth discussion of the proyo series here:


The ProYo is considered more iconic and historically significant than the Yomega Fireball, yes?

it won worlds in 1995