Duncan Big Fun/Freehand NextGen Worlds Pack & New Large Carrying Pouch!

Big Fun & Freehand NextGen Pack:

Featured at the Duncan booth at WYYC2019, this combo pack features a Freehand NextGen and a Big Fun packaged in a cool wooden box with special WYYC artwork!

Each set of yo-yos are matching in color and come with matching classic Duncan artwork on the caps. Red showcases the Flying Squirrel, Green showcases the Throw Monkey, & Blue showcases the Flying Panda. Modern plastic yo-yos with classic Duncan artwork, these collectible boxes are only available while supplies last!

Large Pouch:

The new Large Duncan Pouch unfolds to reveal 3 individual zippered compartments. Made of mesh so you can easily identify the contents, this pouch is the perfect carrying case for parts, string, and whatever else you might need. AND with the through hole on the back it can be attached to any yo-yo bag strap or even a belt if you’re into that fanny pack life.


I really think this should be called the Duncan Yotility Pouch lol

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