DualiTi, RSO, G2, & more FS

Left to right top to bottom:

Custom Polished Freq. Wave - $65 NMTBS

SOLD One Drop Cabal - $75 NMTBS

G2 Quake - $85 (one small ding on the rim that doesn’t go completely through anno - has an exceptional blast)

SOLD Elysium Neptune - $65 NMTBS (includes box with all goodies except the mask)

RSO Bowl XL - $85 NMTBS (includes box)

SOLD G2 Respawn Light - $65 NMTBS (includes box - appears to have a super faint anno flaw)

Custom Bassline - $50 (has some places where the powdercoat is worn or flaked, this was supposedly powdercoated by Brett Grimes)

Rainbow electroplated DualiTi by Damian Puckett - $275 NMTBS (includes pouch)

SOLD G2 Triton - $200 NMTBS

Prices are shipped CONUS - please add 3% for G&S fees if you’re paying that way - no holds - no trades


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