Where are draupnir yoyos available. Why aren’t they on YYE??

Erm, have you tried googling up “yoyorecreation draupnir” on google?
You should able to find where to get one fairly easily

As for why they don’t sell on YYE,

Because there is a yoyojam patent on bimetal (only worth in the usa)

YYE got the Triad though.

Uh oh, I see another Yoyojam Patent debate thread coming up. Must… tread… carefully…

I am to understand that the Draupnir is in violation of the YYJ patent which specifically deals with rim weighting, not bi-metal. You can read the full patent here:


(thanks for Dirtybirdy for finding that for us)

The Triad, Anglam, Space Cowboy and many others are able to be sold here because they do not violate the patent. For the most part I believe this is because the weight rings are located on the inside of the yoyo rim and/or dont extend beyond the rim. However since the Draupnir’s weight rings clearly extend beyond the boundary of the yoyo body, it would seem that this is why it is in violation.

One must be careful about making sweeping statements with such a tricky subject, so again, this is simply my current understanding of the YYJ patent. :slight_smile:

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“The unique Central Rim Weighting is officially licensed by YoYoJam for their patent”

Genesis SS u wot

Even if they were available on YYE they’d cost $30 more than getting them elsewhere, so not a big loss. Buy one from the source. It’ll probably get there quicker as well.

Man that YOYO is sold out on every oversea site I checked

Forgive me, but honestly escapes me the difference position between the weight rings of the Draupnir and the Space Cowboy … Are in the same position and both protrude in the same way.

If I remember right the aluminum on the space cowboy goes out just enough that the steel rings don’t touch the edge making it aluminum on the edge and bearing seat therefor not violating the yoyojam patent.

Ill clarify if you guys promise not to make your own bi metals and sue me when they sue you.

The bearing seat on the space cowboy… That is all i’m going to say… the right persons will understand if they read the patent and the wrongs are too lazy.