Dr. Yo-Yo's GIANT Financial Recovery Sale - PRICE DROPPED

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  • Dr. Yo-Yo’s GIANT Financial Recovery Sale - PRICE DROPPED

Like most of you guys know, I recently had to fly to Texas to attend my Grandfathers Funeral. The tickets were last minute, and just a few days before Christmas which means they were EXPENSIVE but I did what any good grandson would do and made it work.
What many of you DON’T know is that an hour before getting the call that my Grandfather had passed, I put an offer on a new house for my Family. We went from a tighting of the wallet situation (buying house) and adding a very expensive last minute travel expense. So I have to do something I hate to do, I have to part with some yoyos. Many of these yoyos were gifts from friends or aquired in trades and I hate to sell my yoyos because I love collecting but between the house and the travel expenses for the funeral, I have to make the money come from somewhere.
I hope the people that gave me these yoyos (the ones that were gifts) understand that this is a necessary action to take.
Enough backstory, ON TO THE SALE:

NO TRADES - I need to clear debt. Offers will be considered Please expect to add for shipping ESPECIALLY outside the States

Worlds 2007 X-Convict - Small scratches, super smooth. Best X-Convict I have ever played, ever. - OFFER A.I - Tiny indents on rim - 90 85
Trinity - Few small marks - $75 70

[s]Grind Machine - Perfect condition - 19[/s] Prison Break G5 - Very Limited number made - Signs of play on rims - Rice Stacks - 7570
Loop 720 - Perfect Condition - $10

FHZ’s as described, lets say $15 each

Groovy TFL - Super Smooth - Custom Colorway - OFFER 44 Clash - Rare - Some scratches on rim - PHENOMENAL play - HATE to part with this - 125 115
Tempest - Mint - $30

Unengraved Ministar - Very sad to part with this but I have to… - a few dings but nothing major. White on rim is dust - $7570
Customized Throw Monkey - Full on responsive - Painted by Gracie(?) - 10 Pixy - Light scratches - 50 45

Icon - Very underestimated play, Mint - [s]50[/s] 45 Pyro Light - very very light marks on rim - 80 75
DNS - Another great yo-yo - some small dings - $65 60

Y-Factor - LOTS of Beats, LOTS LOTS LOTS of beats but still spins smooth and true - $45 40
P2 - ALMSOT mint - Few light marks and one ding - $75

Yomega Raiders - $20 (set)
Power Grip Paddle - $5

THIS is the camera I shot everything in my Photographic Review book with. Its a great camera, that handles Macro VERY well and the big lens for a superzoom makes it great for low light shots. There is a flash shoe on top and the screen has tilt and swivel options. It uses both CF and xD memory cards and I will include a 1gb of each. Comes with battery charger and a USB cable.
7.1 MP Full Manual options
Great camera (Hey, I published a book with this thing)
Sells for $150 on Ebay, so $140


hey i live in roseville ill buy tht y factor but what if we met up at the yolex at the next meeting… how bout that and im willing to pay a lot for ur purple and green sever ( even tho you arent selling it i thought i could ask)

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Bump for great justice (and a new car repair bill. When it rains it poors)


I’m interested in your Prison Break G5 and your Grind Machine. Send me a message. :slight_smile:

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Prices Dropped

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Bump because you are awesome

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