Dr. Yo-Yo on SportsNation

I just saw Dr. Yo-Yo ‘Chris Allen’ on SportsNation just a few minutes ago… its not on youtube yet so i cant get a video… Great job getting the word out for us yoyoers

Keep us posted, and put that vid up if you find it! YoYoing is right on the cusp of its next big bang. and i for one could not be more excited. Dr. YoYo on ESPN and such is evidence of that. I expect yoyoing to take on a “extreme sport” type of role as it gains popularity, who knows maybee well start to see yoyoing on the vans warped tour and even X-Games types of shows and comps.

Yup, Waiting for it to come online also. They seemed to have skipped Wensdays show on the ESPN website