Downtown Disney yoyo club


When do they meet? is it chill?


How do you meet at Disney without paying a gate fee? Or is there no gate fee?


Downtown Disney is more like a shopping complex type place that is Disney-themed, but separate from the theme parks and you can go there without paying


Downtown Disney is not part of the disney parks… it’s a shopping area that they own near by.

Duncan has a store there now, which is why they’re hosting the International YoYo Championship there.


I’m going to Disney in a couple weeks… Completely forgot about the store. I’ll have to stop by!


The one at DTD California meets up about every other Saturday.

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It’s not called the Downtown Disney yoyo club, it’s the DXL. Sometimes we also meet in Artesia, CA. Fun times… and yes, it’s chill 8)


Hey everybody! The Orlando Yo-yo club meets every Monday evening around 5:30 and the Duncan Toys cart located at Downtown Disney in Orlando, FL. Parking is free, and the cart is located near T-Rex Cafe and the Fultons Crab Boat.

We used to meet for about 18 months at a comic shop in Orlando. When Duncan opened they invited us to have meets at their cart!

We have a FB page check it out as we try to post weekly!


Hey, I just ran into two brothers in Glendora (guys said they live in Long Beach) who attend the DXL and I’d be totally interested in stopping by in the near future. I won’t make many meetings, but I can most-def drop by a few during the course of this year.


Yeah one of those brothers is me, Ill get you the organizers number.