Downtown Disney yoyo club

When do they meet? is it chill?

How do you meet at Disney without paying a gate fee? Or is there no gate fee?

Downtown Disney is more like a shopping complex type place that is Disney-themed, but separate from the theme parks and you can go there without paying

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Downtown Disney is not part of the disney parks… it’s a shopping area that they own near by.

Duncan has a store there now, which is why they’re hosting the International YoYo Championship there.

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I’m going to Disney in a couple weeks… Completely forgot about the store. I’ll have to stop by!

The one at DTD California meets up about every other Saturday.

It’s not called the Downtown Disney yoyo club, it’s the DXL. Sometimes we also meet in Artesia, CA. Fun times… and yes, it’s chill 8)

Hey everybody! The Orlando Yo-yo club meets every Monday evening around 5:30 and the Duncan Toys cart located at Downtown Disney in Orlando, FL. Parking is free, and the cart is located near T-Rex Cafe and the Fultons Crab Boat.

We used to meet for about 18 months at a comic shop in Orlando. When Duncan opened they invited us to have meets at their cart!

We have a FB page check it out as we try to post weekly!

Hey, I just ran into two brothers in Glendora (guys said they live in Long Beach) who attend the DXL and I’d be totally interested in stopping by in the near future. I won’t make many meetings, but I can most-def drop by a few during the course of this year.

Yeah one of those brothers is me, Ill get you the organizers number.

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