Double Time with Wallpaper :)

Ok new vid and here is a wallpaper to go with it.


Is that where you work? Probably not, but cool.

I’m sorry to say this, and people are probably going to shoot me, but you should do some different tricks sometime. Basically all of your videos recently have (been awesome but have) had the same tricks. Brent stole, double brent stole, double on trapeze suicide, ninja vanish…but I guess you did have a double iron whip and double suicide in there, so that was good.

Working on some stuff this was a request to do them all in one video (All the doubles) for a person here on YYE :slight_smile:

Too cool.


May get a Soverign now, do you know the specs and if its going to be Sold at YYE or YYN? and if you think they will still be in stock after christmas???

Seeing as how One-Drop never stocks at YYE or YYN, I am sure they will most likely be sold at their store.

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