Double ring bi-metal! The UNPRLD X TOP YO Elimination!

UNPRLD is always focused on creating a better competition level yo-yo. While pursuing a proof of concept with the machining experts at TOP YO, they decided to join forces and collaborate on a new design – The Elimination!

When creativity meets top notch machining you can come up with some pretty cool concepts! The double steel ring that you see in the Elimination is no easy feat and it took some trial & error to get right. Large steel rings play too heavy. Hollow steel rings play great, but lack durability. After lots of trial and error they found that this is the sweet spot; The perfect balance of rim weight fitted in just the right spots!

The Elimination is the ideal competition throw. The double steel ring weight distribution gives it an unbelievably powerful spin and great stability without sacrificing speed or making it overly heavy in play. It has a comfortable maneuverable presence on the string even at high speeds and the concave v-shape profile opens up a huge catch zone for those risky bangers!