Double GTs


Does anyone know of any Double GTs besides the one from a Wristmount.

Its near 0:16-0:21


At about 1:19

Combos at 0:55, 1:06, and 1:40

The one in the first vid is kinda tricky. Grant’s are also harder or in combos. The other two are whips.

Edit: The Cradle in GT is a red tiangle. Sorry about that!


That’s not a double GT.


Oh, well this is one I suppose, correct?

It’s the one in Grant’s video DiscipleforChrist mentioned


Yeah. I taught you that at Redondo, lol.


Try my tut  ;D:

Happy Throwing! =]


i made one up, i make make a video with it soon


Same here but im not very good at tuts