Don't look at this video or else


Ah a rebel I like  that but alas the video contained here is by a guy he sucks at yoyos
feel free to criticize and comment on the trick he would really like that

(Owen) #2

Verrryyy smooth. not too much depth but still great tricks!


Any tips to adding depth, my biggest hurdle right now is understanding tech and stuff


That was really good. I liked the smooth motion.


Wow your good. Pretty simple tricks but mad flow.


Nice! thumbs up! Keep it up


Makin the simple amazing!
Don’t get too worried about understanding the more complex ideas that other players and you might have, it will come in time. The biggest factor in my opinion is just watching [b/]a variety[b] of players in all of their glory. You’ll soon find yourself trying new things that you hadn’t even considered before. Before you know it, you’ll have an awesome-looking original trick on your hands! Keep it up and good luck!