[s]I will buy your Dietz MINT for $60

If it is not mint, I will pay less, PM Me.

I also want a Minstar.

$55 Mint
$50 Not Mint

Offer, I have $80 to spend. Offer, the worst I can say is no, I want CLYW’s, OD’s, GENERAL Yo’s, and other metals. :smiley:

I bought a Ministar:D

Wow…ok, so…coupla things.

  1. You can only bump once a day.
  2. $70 for a Messiah? $55 for a Dietz?

Good luck.

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Its two hours. Don’t get your panties in a bunch

And also its worth a try. I mean I’m not expecting a mint NIB or anything.

Will u pay 70 for a mint in box Mini star limited general yo x yoyonation edition?

No thank you, but thanks for the offer :slight_smile: