:: done for now, thanks! ::

Hello! Prices for everything listed here include U.S. shipping and paypal fee ::

Need to thin out my collection a bit and save up for new things. Everything’s been kept in great shape. More pics @ http://imgur.com/a/8HXJh .

If you have any questions or would like more pics, feel free to ask! Not looking for trades ATM.

Save the 4% fee if you want to use gift instead of services.

[Mint for FG = Just as it came from CLYW].


Bonfire: Hulk Smash (NM w/ box)- No damage. My favorite. Probably not selling, but just in case someone has a nice offer.

More pics of each available.

Manatee: Violet (Extremely NM w/ box) - Smooth as glass. I want to say Mint, but noticed 2 tiny specs in the finish. As close to mint as it gets. Sold.

Scout: Canadian Tuxedo (NM w/ box & patch) - Smooth. NM for 1 small scratch near rim. Unfeelable but does break ano. Sold

FG Borealis: Nightfall (Mint w/ box) - Dead smooth. FG for a couple silver specs in green ano. Sold

FG Scout: Moss Man Splatter (Mint w/ box) - Nice colorway, olive green when spinning. FG for vibe, still plays great on string. 1 tiny mark that came with it. Sold

FG Chief: Silver (Mint w/ box) - Smooth. FG for (I’m guessing) a few thin marks on the finish that looks like scratches. Blends in, hard to photo. Sold

FG Orca: 28 Stories (NM w/ box) - 2 or 3 small pinpricks hard to see. 9/10 smooth. FG for 1 line per half in ano @ lower gap. Sold

Others ::

YYF Shu-ta (Mint w/ box) - Only thrown a handful of times, if it was any other color I’d keep it. 7075. Sold

YYO Quash (Mint w/ box) - Underrated throw, very light and good spin times. Sold

C3 Railgun (Mint w/ box) - Dead Smooth. Earth Splash. Light, fast, really good. Sold

Thanks for looking!


Hey Grey just so you know I sent you a message (not sure if it went through since the app isn’t showing anything for sent items)