Done for now/please close

Banshee 18 Swirl glitch $SOLD
Life Gray Swirl $350
Blasted Ti Hawk $250
Hyperspace Hawk $SOLD
Cosmic Ray Warthog $155
G2 Luna Proto $110
Luftverk Ti Evora 7075 $150

Prices are F&F. Please add $5 for shipping. We can talk discounts for mulitiples. All are mint. I don’t know why the Banshee is a glitch. I don’t have the box for the Luna or the Ti Hawk. I feel like my G2 collection is about where I want it to be but if you want to propose a trade let me know. I would be interested in a Ti Wisteria, a TiSS Wisteria, or an Alliance. I asked around to several other serious collectors to get the prices but if you feel like they are out of line send me a message.

I usually ship within 24 hours, I keep my word about my listings, and in the rare chance something goes wrong I make it right. I have sold a lot of high end guitars on Reverb and the Gear Page with perfect feedback. I also have perfect eBay feedback.



The Luftverk titanium is gone. The other three are available.

Added new things.

All gone or no longer for sale. Please close

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