Does This Look Right?

I was Skimmin lookin for a new Throw and came across this Supernova VK3, Does this Paint Job look right or is it just a Bad Tape Job? I mean if it is It’s Pretty Absract and Different. I mean it’s a Sweet Throw and Nice Colors. What do You Think?

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It’s “dipped”. Similar to the way a fade is done, but obviously with huge differences.

It’s not a bad tape job, they’re supposed to look “messy.”
None are alike, there’s very few of them, super unique. If I didn’t just buy a Genesis I’d be all over it :wink:

IF they’re still in stock SOMEWHERE, I’ll be getting one in 2 weeks ;D

From the looks of it the stocks aren’t going too fast at the places I’ve seen them, so you might be in luck :wink: