Does such a tool exist?...

Is there a tool a little like a cookie cutter maybe that can chop your standard 19mm pads down to standard pads for D size yoyos?

Look on ebay for leather hole punching tools. Just curious, what yoyo are you cutting the pads for?

U have a couple of D bearing yoyos and I just thinknow it would be handy just to be able to chop down a couple of C pad’s sometimes rather than put in another order for D pads.

Here in the U.S. hardware stores sell metal tubing in various small sizes in steel, brass and aluminum that will do the trick. You can use a small, fine file to sharpen the edges on one end. Put the sharp end on the pad and twirl the tube with your fingers to do the cut. Use a piece of cardboard under the pad as a cushion. The cost hewre is usually under $2.00 U.S. for a 12 to 10 in. tube.

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if it s already a finished c size pad you wont be able to do anything to its inner diameter?

True… Blade attack pads for my sturm panzers are a bit pricey. But they are roughly 0.3 mm thinner than standard 19mm pads. If I put them in my sturm panzers they would stick out and drag against the string.
It would probably work if I did this to some duncan silicone stickers, seeing that the sturm panzer recesses are so shallow, they would fit quite nicely.

It’s best that I just go with using flowable. It’s pretty cheap and gives me a ton of uses.