does MOYO sell yoyos???

hey guys,

So when i went to the city museum i went inside the gift shop but only found cheapy yoyos. (FHZ, throw monkey, profly, lime light, etc) I wanted to know if they only sell cheapys or if when they have the actual club they actually sell legit yoyos. (DM, Hitman, DV888, etc)

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

PS. i would go see my self but my mom won’t let me go unless we are sure.

I know that in the gift shop they have special MOYO edition Kick Sides to the left of the checkout counter on the window sill, They’re pretty easy to spot (And there’s only 1000 of them… my friend and I have bought like 8 between us ;D ) That’s the most “legit” yoyos you’ll find in the gift shop. and you could always talk to the other members of MOYO, some of them have throws for sale every once in a while. But if you haven’t yet, do yourself a favor an pick up a FHZ, and if you want to get into 4a (Or just like big throws) get a Throw Monkey as well. Two of my favorite yoyos.

Since when is the FHZ no longer a legit yo-yo?

I am looking for something contest worthery. When i said i wanted something legit, i meant some thing that is a contest worthery yoyo without having to mod it. any of you guys know of any road side shops that sell yoyos in the ST.Louis area

As far as my knowledge goes, after Doc pop moved to California there is no longer any sort of yoyo store in the St. Louis area.

Well… Freehand Zero looks contest worthy to me.

The gift shop inside the museum does sell yoyo’s. The ones mentioned are about it though.

I meant like a dedicated yoyo/juggling store or anything like that.

is that a stock FHZ?  :o :o :o

It is probably modded in some way.

I think it has a single side recess. Could be both, who knows.
Tyler knows. Ask Tyler.
I guarantee he could do that on a stock one though.

WOW… So how about when the MOYO states is happening, do they have like a stand, or let you try prototypes?

Generally speaking, the companies that sponsor the contest will have stands.

oh thank GOD!!!

i know one online retailer will be there with a full table set up to fill all your yoyo needs