Does anyone else have this problem?


i get random, weird food cravings throughout the day. about a week ago, i randomly craved tofu, right after eating dessert. yesterday i wanted a salad with italian dressing during recess. right now i want a creme brulee flavored frozen yogurt. not makin it up. anyone else?


Ummm, you’re pregnant???



umm no… >:(

im just weird and kinda chubby.

(George Wollaston) #5

I get cravings when I’m hungry. That’s about it.

(M.DeV1) #6

Take a pregnancy test!

(Waylon) #7

That makes two of us!


i might, for $1000 bucks cash and a ti walker that is…


If i was pregnant, i’d want to have 1000 bucks and a tiwalker. maybe even twins.


ok this conversation is gettin akward as hell… -_____-




i love weidness now i fit in i wish i was preg i would b the riches man in the world then besides my wife has been trying how to get me preg for years just to get even for 3 kids we all ready have HOW THAT FOR AKWARDS




Yep now if you went to our county fair you would be enjoying old bay pickles ( yes I know it does sound interesting but in Maryland everything tastes good with old bay)


Yeah I used to be pregnant too. Then I got a hectic, and it cured me.

(M.DeV1) #16

I used to be pregnant and I gave birth to a beautiful skygrass cascade.



(WildCat23) #18

I used to be pregnant, then I took an arrow to the knee…

Sorry, couldn’t resist ;D

(M.DeV1) #19

Took an arrow to the uterus.


I hate the Old Bay seasoning, yuck. I lived in Maryland for 3 years…